If you are a sophisticated gambler, you will appreciate being surrounded by art while gambling. What better enticement can there be than to gaze upwards and see a replica of a Rembrandt or a Botticelli hanging on the wall, and knowing that, with your expert skill and amazing luck, you will be able to afford your own original masterworks with your winnings?

Art is essential to civilised living. It adds beauty to our everyday drudgery and can transform even the most utilitarian spaces into something with a touch of class.

Nothing screams “seedy hall full of desperate souls” like a casino without any art. If you want to keep even the most compulsive of slots players playing for longer, you need art. Even though it may not be fine art by its strictest definition, good graphics on a slot machine makes it stand out from the crowd and is sure to attract many more players than a more standard run-of-the-mill model would.

Of course, there is also an art to gambling, although the uninitiated may mistakenly consider it to be merely a game of chance. Nothing can be further from the truth. Have you ever seen a game of high-stakes poker on television? Look closely at the faces of the players. Do you see their concentration? Their facial expressions? Can you see when they’re about to win, and when they have a really rotten hand? No, you can’t! That’s the “poker face”, from which the well-known expression derives its name. Good poker players give nothing away, but the best ones have mastered the art of making their opponents believe the opposite of what’s true by their body language and fake tells. That is the true art of gambling — to play your opponents like a fiddle while playing a poor hand that wins the pot.