Slot machine game product | betting gadget | Britannica

Slot machine game product | betting gadget | Britannica

He tells you immediately scammed when I came uncle. uncle “Who are you?” she asks. When the police told the Çanakkale County Safety Supervisor, “Kim Safety Manager of Me Koskoca, who are you looking for? go away!!! he is out of the way.

Although the police try to tell the situation times many times, the uncle is determined. insistent to send the money. Finally the prosecutor is sought, the situation is told, the uncle prosecutor. futile. But he doesn’t give up, says the same things to the prosecutor, “Where do you call me the police manager, who are you going on? !!”

At the end, the uncle is not convinced, sending the money, what the prosecutor is what the police can’t do anything at all because neither crime nor complaints. People are so frightened that they are ready to give what they have in their hands.

In this method, our cheaters will never be distinguished from the truth in the hands is the fake money and says he wants to sell. Around the target is surrounded by the scammer’s partners and they also persuade the target for buying the target by saying they want to buy out of this fake money. A bag is shown in the target before true banknotes. Even sometimes given real money to the destination and the examination is told.

When the fake money sale at the end will take place, the bag is changed and is given an unworthy bag to the destination. The victims cannot go to the police because fake money exchange crime.

The scammers are cheap or poorly quality products that they say is cheap or stolen to be stolen in the customs in this method, they try to sell it by showing it as an original or very quality brand.

The most likely shape is mobile perfume vendors. Original “Lacoste” perfume is only 40 TL thanks to my friend running at customs !! The original “Samsung” phones fitted to the customs are only 500 TL !! Be careful, don’t come to the game.

The Iraqi dinar value is a method based on the sale of Iraqi dinar to people in the form of extreme rise due to political and economic situations. Timely been used in time, in the form of today, things are now walking in the cripboard money world.

Kerem and Özge are our married couple. One day comes in opposite of Kerem, our cheater named and seduce him. Kerem is cheating out of his partner and learns the EBI of the Origin of Origin / sibling / relatives. Mert calls Kerem, threatens to say to his wife and prompts money. Kerem gives the money, aslies and Mert disappear.

The case is the case with the simplest form. Today, hidden gays in the internet environment, or to be close to people with different sexual fantasies, and then say that they will disclose what happens later.

simply works as follows. A beautiful woman sits on your table. order something. When you get up from the table you will see that the account must be 100 TL. In our country, especially in the pavilion culture, you are already in accounting to these venues. However, if you go to a luxury restaurant and encounter an account in this way, it is useful to call your right.

There is a quite report that this method is used in Europe.

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