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Kucaeli Metropolitan Municipality in the launch meeting of the Cable car project, which is to be held in Kartepe, the Büyükkörlı Mayor Tahir Gündür We have tram them at the tram, now we will make a trolley. “

The launching project of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality was held at the Kocaeli Congress Center. In the meeting with the participation of the Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, the cable car line was disclosed in the industry cooperation program due to a domestic and national project. Governor Seddar Yavuz, Metropolitan Mayor Yavuz, Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Güçakın, AK Party Provincial President Mehmet Ellibeş, MHP Provincial President Aydin famous, County Mayors, Metropolitan High Level Managers attended

The metropolitan mayor of the near history is full of learned desperation examples of Tahir Gündükün Ürünkün, Necmettin Erbakan said that he was made fun of the dreams of Necmettin Erbakan, but he carried out these dreams that he raised his dreams. “Stop Erdogan”, who says inat Erdogan, “they want to block as much as they want. The self-sons of this nation lifted the nation and continue their way. Each power is temporary. Our only gay is to take the consent of our nation.

They want to remain in the desperation they teach. But we won’t do that. We will not make it to the land. We will open the front of the domestic and national industry to the belong. These are not empty lafs. They said they can’t do the tram and we tram the tram. We will rise them to the cableway now. I don’t think they’re going to be mahcup. They will continue to work in the lesson. We came out on the cable car tender but they canceled when we see domestic and national. We sit on our Minister and undertaken the project to the industry cooperation program.

We will do the cable car and we will do it with the native and national industry. We’ve done the same at the tram and made it as domestic production. Now they are developing both technologies and started to develop the process with the subway. Now, we will also be the front foot in the development of the cable car project. In the coming days, we will call the Ordinary General Assembly to a support project that will find about 55 million.

This project suits the Kartepe cable car project. On the one side of 1400 altitude, the Gulf of Izmit will be on Sapanca Lake on one side. We don’t promise to imagine. We work as bee every day. The next 2 years will be the year of building site for Kocaeli. We are having our historic values. In the days ahead of the Hünkar Meadar, we will promote Fatih. They keep track of us. They only criticize what we do. When we do, you will come and binds, let them open to what we do. But their power is enough. They cannot do business from paying a diet.

We will also find that they are unhappy and make it happy on their them. After that, the slat is the bliss. Anyone coming after that will work for people’s happiness. Happy city motto is a bar. This progress as soon as they don’t stand in a place. In the survey of this city, 87 percent of these city people said they were happy. We work for this happiness to continue. We do not betray the sake. We are working with our strength “he said.

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