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Port unit | gambling product | Britannica

But during the Cold War period, threats were in the minds of people. In 1947, a new urban design will be published in the LIFE Magazine, a new urban design to protect Americans from a nuclear attack. The idea of ​​the idea envisaged a America where the entire country is distributed to the whole country rather than meet in the city centers. Accordingly, the population was reinstalled to new placements such as chessboard. The strip cities they planned were not required to settle along straight lines, some of them would follow the landscape. They had requested to build 20 million new houses in total and re -ease the social and economic tissue of America. Although the idea has never reached its purpose, it is certain that the underground shelter in the cities foresee.

In 1968, petroleum found in the Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. Naturally crazy complicated, futuristic city plans began to emerge. Tandy Industry in Tulsa also planned the SEWARD’s success (disrupting the expression of SeWard) project; It is completely closed, the climate is the first city of Kontorole. Seward’s success of 40,000 sakini in the city will move on a 20-degree peaceful in the city, monorail, sky trams and walking sidewalks. The plans also covered offices, shopping areas and sports arena. Trans – Alaska Pipeline has failed to pay the credits of the subcontractor of the terrain and there are plans related to the building of the city. Although a city has not been built yet, most part of the city center of Las Vegas can be said to meet this condition. And of course, the idea of ​​establishing a CLIMATE climate-controlled city is still a thing that people dream of establishing other worlds.

Songdo in South Korea, Korean City Planners and IT firm by Cisco, the climate is designed as a perfect intelligent city controlled by computers connected to the network. The city is also planned to leave a minimum carbon footprint. Songdo inspired by Le Corbusier’s Porridge Machinery and Howard’s Garden City. As the same Le Corbusier’s skyscrapers are promised, SongDo Mastur Plan also covers everything from school, shopping areas and offices to parks, museums and a hospital. But except that the sustainability is possible thanks to the high technology infrastructure of the city, it reminds me of the concept of garden. We can even see the reflection of the prefabricated city idea of ​​Fuller in Songdo, which is also referred to as the “city in the box”. Intelligent city, today is a very popular idea among city plans and many projects are carried out. Songdo is expected to be completed by 2015 but their business has trouble withdrawing here. The fate can be like other Utopian cities; In fact, a failure but the beginning of the ideas that change our way of thinking about the metropolis life.

In 1952, Mel Johnson presented the plans to the perfect city to a group of investors; The city of the Areas, Boozetown. Every street would take his name from a drink, even every one of the boozebucks would be their own currency. In the city, a local police organization called the party police would work, not to make people in jail, it will work more not to be an eye on them, will give aspirin to the drunks, a police organization that will lead to their homes. Most importantly, children will not be taken to Boozetown, with children’s visitors to leave their children to the nursery or summer camp outside the city. When completed, the city, walking pedestrian paths, beer factories, distillation workshops, housing areas and even the suburbs were to be a full habitat. Johnson gives potential investors with design matchboxes and cocktail tissues; Imagine a settlement that is completely installed on the drink culture! An alemster paradise established to drink and increase the arbitrary originating from it! A place of bars, drink shops, nightclubs never close! The police work to help them with the comfort of the drunkards … The street names are even a salute from us to drinks from us: Gin Endembly, Burbob Boulevard, Skoç Cadde … A game park for adults … Imagine! For Johnson Boozetown, of course he could not find funding and gave up the idea of ​​the 1960s. Gene de Boozetown can also be said that it inspires the world of virtual game, such as Wow Gold, such as WoW Gold, can accept that all of them are the only one thing of people!

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