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Port product | gambling unit | Britannica

The rich vegetation and Sapanca lake are to be 4.7 kilometers long to ensure that the Lake is 4.7 kilometers long, and 1500 people who will have a carrying capacity of 1500 people in the hour and 1500 people will be able to carry 10 people at the same time.

This project is a first municipalities in Turkey, Varank indicating that including the Industrial Cooperation Project, “I hope to be an example to all the municipalities of that. I want to call this occasion here all our municipalities bride, your such tender Include the Industry Cooperation Project, Support to the development of our domestic industry, the scale of our industry by creating a scale. ” said.

In addition to the Municipality of the Municipality of the Municipality of the Municipality of the Municipality of the Municipality, some of the municipalities of the AK Party Municipalities are emphasized with both their visions and their visions were stared as the visions:

“The Municipalities of the CHP municipalities they say, which they say, actually the municipality can visit Kocaeli. Here are the place to serve your dirty alliances. Here’s that we saw a very obvious example of this. Istanbul The Mayor of the Mayor of the CHP sent the hi to the HDP’s peer head. HDP was actually disclosing the diet of the alliance with HDP to pay the diet of the alliance with the HDP, which is actually disclosing the intelligence of the Terror Supports on Women’s Day. This Zat is the Diyarbakır The terrorist was gone to the old government of the former administration but did not even give a greeting to Diyarbakır mothers. Moreover, I would be a showmen if I went to those mothers ‘.’ He argued by saying. To give support to Diyarbakır mothers, the HDP, which is in an open chosen cooperation with the terrorist organization, is it in the HDP, do you have a pity. Whatever you do, decorate what special words with what special remarks, and you will never show the terrorist supporters in this country. . To this mindset that makes the CHP and the good party on the terrorist supporters, primarily the sound of the citizens in these parties in these parties. I believe that this final movement is based on our citizens that voted to the CHP and the Good Party with sincerity. the door will intercept. “

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) experienced because of the outbreak despite all the negativity in Turkey, stating that one of the few countries that continue to grow, “Our exports in February was exceeded USD reached 16 billion, the highest value of all times. Latest I believe that all the negative reflections of this epidemic will be eliminated by all the negative reflections of this epidemic. ” said.

Industry and technology, how it can be substituted with the indigenous capabilities, emphasizing economic and political sense, so güçleneceklerini Varank, this view Technology launched the open-Oriented Industry Moves which is imported from abroad with the program many high-tech products, said they are aiming to be produced in Turkey.

Varank has started to support 20 projects with a total of 2 billion pounds in the machine sector by making a total of 2 billion pounds in the machine sector, and by transferring the wind turbine materials to wind turbine materials, large-sized additions from the manufacturing machine to provide and produce many technologies from domestic facilities, and to produce many technologies.

“We have now made the number of products that we support the investment with a rigorous work and we have declared our 2021 call program.

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