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Ants carefully monitor the condition of their homes. The medium-sized anthill consists of 4-6 million needles and branches. Every day, hundreds of construction ants carry it from above to the depths of the anthill and from the lower floors to the top.

This ensures a constant humidity regime of the nest and therefore the anthill dome remains dry, does not rot and mold after rain.

Even in the anthill there are hospitals where doctors, for example surgeons, work. And if someone of its inhabitants injures an arm, an arm, or a leg, surgeons cut (gnaw) it.

Also, there are “keepers” of nectar in the ant family. If the ant becomes hungry and the working ants are no longer able to get food, they are necessary for this unforeseen event.

Slavery is common in some species. Ants attack an alien anthill and steal the pupae. The captives, who then grow up in a strange anthill, work for its benefit.

01. Covering needles and twigs. It protects the house from the victimization of the weather, is repaired and updated by working ants.

07. The royal chamber where the uterus lives lays up to 1.5 thousand eggs a day. Working ants take care of it.

Another thing is surprising: there is no “thought tank” in the ant family to direct collective efforts to get the desired result to fix an ant hill, extract food, or protect it from enemies. Also, the anatomy of a single scout, worker, or ant uterus does not allow placing this “brain center” in a separate ant.

The physical dimensions of the nervous system are very small, and the volume of programs and the data collected by generations to manage the life of the anthill is enormous.

The ant belongs to the class of insects, the type of arthropods, the order Hymenoptera, the ant family (Formicidae). As an organization, ants belong to the group of social insects that are clearly divided into three channels: working individuals, women and men.

Common in Europe, found in central Russia, China and Mongolia. Working individuals are up to 8 mm long and have a black body with an orange head. The ant uterus grows to 10 mm and has a red head and an orange chest. Ants arrange their summer rot on semi-rotten logs, on the ground and under stones, in winter the family moves to another nest located at the base of trees. The typical lifestyle of these ant species is predatory raids on the ants of brown forest, anthill and other ants. Captured pupae are brought into the nest and reared as “slaves”.

species of ants that have a fairly large size: females reach almost a centimeter in length, males are slightly more modest in size – 6-7.5 mm, “soldiers” are smaller and rarely grow more than 5-7 mm. Females and “soldiers” are painted in yellow-reddish shades, the body is often covered with black hairs. Male ants are black, limbs and antennae are brown. The species lives in Europe, western parts of Asia, western Siberia. Amazon prefers to settle in moist forests by choosing planks and edges for anthill construction.

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