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NET Framework 4.6 produces unpredictable behavior. The double tap threshold for Windows Store apps and WPF apps is now the same in Windows 8.1 and above.

WPF in .NET Framework 4.6 supports transparent subwindows in Windows 8.1 and above. This allows you to create non-rectangular and transparent sub-windows on your top-level Windows. You can enable this property by setting the property to HwndSourceParameters.UsesPerPixelTransparency.

WCF supports SSL version TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 in addition to SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 features when using NetTcp with transport security and client authentication. You can now choose which protocol to use or disable the older less secure protocols. This can be done by setting the SslProtocols property or adding the following to a configuration file.

WCF now allows users to enable certain messages to be sent using different underlying HTTP connections. There are two ways to do this:

Users can specify a string that WCF will use as a prefix for the connection group name. Two messages with different prefixes are sent using different underlying HTTP connections. You set the prefix Message.Properties by adding a key-value pair to the property of the message. Key “HttpTransportConnectionGroupNamePrefix”; value is the desired prefix.

Users can also enable a feature that allows messages sent using channels created by different channel factories to use different underlying HTTP connections. To enable this feature, users must set appSetting to true:

Now you can specify the number of seconds that a workflow service will be open to an out-of-the-box processing request when there is a pending “non-protocol” bookmark before the request times out. The “non-protocol” bookmark is a bookmark not related to pending receive events. Some events create non-protocol bookmarks in their applications, so it may not be clear that a non-protocol bookmark is available. This situation and choice are included. So if you have a workflow service implemented with a state machine or includes a pull event, you probably have non-protocol bookmarks. You specify the range by adding a line similar to the following appSettings in the section of your app.config file:

The default is 60 seconds. If set to value0, out-of-order requests are immediately denied, with an error with text that looks like this:

If FilterResumeTimeoutInSeconds is not zero, there are non-protocol bookmarks, and when the timeout interval expires, the operation fails with the timeout message.

You can now add the distributed transaction identifier for the transaction that caused the derivation exception to be raised from TransactionException. You can do this by adding the following key to the section of your app.config file appSettings:

Windows 10 includes a new highly scalable network algorithm to better exploit machine resources by reusing local ports for outbound TCP connections. .NET Framework 4.6 by supporting the new algorithm,.

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