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He tells you immediately scammed when I came uncle. uncle “Who are you?” she asks. When the police told the Çanakkale County Safety Supervisor, “Kim Safety Manager of Me Koskoca, who are you looking for? go away!!! he is out of the way. Although the police try to tell the situation times many times, the […]

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Kucaeli Metropolitan Municipality in the launch meeting of the Cable car project, which is to be held in Kartepe, the Büyükkörlı Mayor Tahir Gündür We have tram them at the tram, now we will make a trolley. “ The launching project of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality was held at the Kocaeli Congress Center. In the […]

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And the products received are carried by others. Ants carefully monitor the condition of their homes. The medium-sized anthill consists of 4-6 million needles and branches. Every day, hundreds of construction ants carry it from above to the depths of the anthill and from the lower floors to the top. This ensures a constant humidity […]

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Talking Wi-Fi 6 and 5G with the Chair of the 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) Standard Working Group Next-generation pioneering Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) access point (AP) for outdoor use, eight (8×8 MU-MIMO, 8T8R) at 2.4GHz and eight (8×8 MU-MIMO) at 5GHz Provides device speeds up to 10.75 Gb / s and delivers superior outdoor coverage performance by […]

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NET Framework 4.6 produces unpredictable behavior. The double tap threshold for Windows Store apps and WPF apps is now the same in Windows 8.1 and above. WPF in .NET Framework 4.6 supports transparent subwindows in Windows 8.1 and above. This allows you to create non-rectangular and transparent sub-windows on your top-level Windows. You can enable […]

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In previous versions of the .NET Framework, WPF applications cannot accept focus tracking without disabling WPF pen / touch gesture support. As a result, WPF applications should rely on you to choose between full WPF touch support or Windows mouse upgrade. To support the latest use of high DPI and hybrid DPI environments for WPF […]

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While you can easily recognize someone by name instead of their official ID or phone number, Domain Name System (DNS) provides a convenient way to name and access internet services or resources behind IP addresses. The prevalence of DNS, its critical role for network connectivity, and the failure of most network security policies to monitor […]